7/8/12 Agape Song List

Here are the songs from Agape Chicago‘s Sunday Worship Gathering.  Go to the Worship Community site for song lists of other churches.

This service was our second one without child care.  So we had several infants in attendance.  They were given toy instruments to jam with and accompany us in our opening songs.  What a privilege and blessing to be able to proclaim the Gospel to the next generation.

Opening Songs

Unchanging (E)

Passing of the Peace

Gospel Songs (Songs centered specifically on the Gospel and its implications)

Jesus is Alive (A):  It’s from the Rain for Roots album. Though the kids aren’t old enough to understand the lyrics (under 2 years of age), we as a congregation sang this song to impart Gospel truth to them.   And to have fun singing this song.  Personally, I love this song and have been humming it daily.

Jesus Paid it All (A)


Luke 6:43-49

Songs of Response

When You Move (A)

Solid Rock (E)

Blessed Be Your Name (A)


Charge and Blessing


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