WR Sunday Setlist 3/6/11

Here’s the setlist for The Church in West Ridge in Chicago, IL. Check out The Worship Community site for those of other churches.

Opening Songs

O Church Arise (D)

Marvelous Light (G)

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2:1-10

The Stand/Mighty to Save (A)

-After the Scripture reading, we did the pre-chorus and chorus to The Stand followed by the chorus to Mighty to Save

Preparatory Song

You Alone Can Rescue (A)


Luke 6:17-42

Closing Song

Only You (C)


~ by cvillegas on March 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “WR Sunday Setlist 3/6/11”

  1. How well is the song “O Church Arise” working for you? I’m not familar with this one; we do some of Keith Getty’s songs and they are excellent. Thanks for sharing your set list.


    • Doug,

      O Church Arise has really caught on in our church. It’s quickly become one of our “core songs.”

      Melodically, it’s very (maybe too) similar to In Christ Alone. We tend to play it faster than the recording. Another thing we do is alternate vocals for most of the verses. It sort of fits the “church” theme.

  2. We used “O Church Arise” a year ago for 4 consecutive weeks during a series, even in our contemporary service. I love the words but it never really caught on. Our contemporary people would rather learn a new contemporary song, and our traditional people are not up for learning any new songs. But I loved it.

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