WR Song List 2/6/11

Here’s the setlist for The Church in West Ridge in Chicago, IL. Check out the Worship Community site for more setlists of various churches.

Opening Songs

Praise to the Lord the Almighty-Passion version (C-D)

Unchanging (E)

Preparatory Song

Here is Love-Matt Redman/Passion version (E)

-We rocked out on this one.


Luke 5:1-11

Song of Response

Only You (C)

Song of Sending

O Church Arise (D)


~ by cvillegas on February 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “WR Song List 2/6/11”

  1. David Crowder’s “Only You”? If so, I love that song. It’s been awhile, though.

    Chris Tomlin’s “Unchanging”? If so, interesting key. I think we’ve played it in G.

    • Re: Only You, yes it’s the David Crowder song. I like that song alot as a response song. We’ve done it for years.

      Re: Unchanging, E seems to work well for the congregation.

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