Sunday Setlist 9/13/09

For the setlists of other churches, check out Fred McKinnon’s blog.

Here’s the setlist for our church‘s Sunday service:

Text: Acts 28:11-31

Opening Song: A Mighty Fortress is our God (Covenant Life version in C)

Call to Worship: Psalm 47

Song of Praise: Before the Throne of God Above (Covenant Life version in Bm to D)

(Check out Covenant Life’s hymns series at Noisetrade)

Preparatory Song: All I Have is Christ (C)- We did this one slower and more meditatively.  We did it this way in order to introduce the song to the congregation.

Song of Response: All I Have is Christ (C)- This time, we did this song big. As I read from another blogger on Fred’s website, I could sing this song every week!  It’s so rich lyrically and melodically and grounded in the truth of the Gospel.

Closing Song: Shine (G)- This song is a great corporate response to our call to be salt and light proclaiming the Gospel in our words and actions for His glory. FYI, it’s the Matt Redman song, NOT the Newsboys’ one.


~ by cvillegas on September 13, 2009.

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