Songs from 8/9/09

Here are the songs from our church‘s second service at the Nichols Concert Hall. For the setlists from a very diverse group of churches, check out Fred McKinnon’s site.

Text: Acts 21:1-36

Opening Song: He Reigns (C)

Song of Praise: Beautiful Jesus (E)

Preparatory Song: Before the Throne of God Above (Shane and Shane version in D)

Song of Response: Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer (D)

Closing Song: Better is One Day (Kutless version with the chorus of ‘We Fall Down’ in E)


~ by cvillegas on August 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Songs from 8/9/09”

  1. Looks great – is the “He Reigns” the Newsboys one? And what about the other ones – interested in knowing the artists/writers, if you can – I’ve not heard of “Beautiful Jesus” or “Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer” I don’t think!

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Fred. I really like what you’re doing with these Sunday setlists.

      Yes, He Reigns is the Newsboys’ song. One of the themes in Acts we want to highlight is the Gospel being proclaimed around the world.

      Beautiful Jesus is a song by Kristian Stanfill. We’ve only done this song a few times. But the congregation seemed to pick it up rather quickly.

      Jesus Draw Me Nearer is written by Keith Getty and Margaret Becker. This hymn is one of many solid ones by Keith Getty.

  2. Solid list. Before the Throne of God Above is very worshipful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nichols Concert Hall – sounds like a cool place to meet! Great set list, God Bless your ministry!

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