Last night, I recorded my first podcast. It is far from being a polished, seamless work. Right now, I’m doing these podcasts solely by trial and error.

The first podcast is focused on the hymns and writings of Joseph Hart. Hart was a hymnwriter in the late 1700’s-early 1800’s. What is intriguing about him is that he became a Christian in his mid forties. Although he was born in a Christian home and knew his Christian theology, he still saw the Gospel as “foolishness.” Although he knew the Gospel intellectually, in his heart the Gospel seemed so obscure and impersonal. After becoming a Christian, he lived for about ten more years. But, in those 10 or so years, he became a prolific hymnwriter and a preacher. Although all the great hymnwriters expounded on the Gospel, Hart wrote the most about the Gospel. His hymn “Come Ye Sinners” is still sung in churches today. That hymn is not only addressed to unbelievers, but to believers as well. It could also be seen as autobiographical because it describes Hart’s own experience. I think this hymn as well as Hart’s other hymns is needed by us who walk with the Lord. We need to be reminded of the Gospel daily.

For further reading, Hart’s “spiritual autobiography” is posted at the Indelible Grace website: http://www.igracemusic.com.

Also, Faith Cook’s book Our Hymnwriters and Their Hymns is an excellent resource for biographies on Hart as well as the other great hymnwriters such as John Newton, Isaac Watts, and Charles Wesley.


~ by cvillegas on July 18, 2007.

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