Ye Souls That are Weak and Helpless and Poor

It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved by such a powerful hymn about the Gospel.  I came across this hymn text as I skimmed through Gadsby’s Hymns.  This hymn brought me back to reality as the Gospel does.  Lately I’ve been so enamored of myself.  Anxieties, fear and selfishness all swept away as I was once again confronted by the beauty of the Gospel.  This “expulsive power of a new affection” that casts away our idols and fears drew back to the reality of a sovereign God who redeemed me with His merit.  Not mine.  Oh may my cry be like Paul’s in Galatians 6:14 “If I boast, may it be in the cross of Christ.”  Oh may I continue to die to the world and live in and for Christ alone!  Oh help my unbelief!

Ye Souls That Are Weak and Helpless and Poor

Gadsby’s Hymns #129

Joseph Hart


Ye souls that are weak, and helpless and poor,

Who know not to speak, much less to do more,

Lo! Here’s a foundation for comfort and peace-

In Christ is salvation; the Kingdom is His.

With power He rules; and wonders performs;

Give conduct to fools, and courage to worms

Beset by sore evils without and within,

By legions of devils and mountains of sin.

Then be not afraid; all power is given

To Jesus, our Head, in earth and in heaven;

Thro’ Him we shall conquer the mightiest foes;

Our Captain is stronger than all that oppose.

His power from above He’ll kindly impart,

So free is His love, so tender His heart;

Redeemed by His merit, we’re washed in His blood;

Renewed by His Spirit, we’ve power with God.

Thy grace we adore, Director divine;

The Kingdom, and power, and glory are Thine.

Preserve us from running on rocks or on shelves,

From foes strong and cunning, and most from ourselves.

Reign o’er us as King, accomplish Thy will,

And powerfully bring us forth from all ill;

Till, falling before Thee, we laud thy loved Name,

Ascribing the glory to God and the Lamb.


~ by cvillegas on July 5, 2007.

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