Come Ye Souls By Sins Afflicted

Words: Joseph Swain

Gadsby’s Hymns #1055

Music: Chris Villegas


Come, ye souls, by sin afflicted,

Bowed with fruitless sorrow;

By the broken law convicted,

Through the cross behold the crown!

Look to Jesus;

Mercy flows through Him alone.



Sweet as home to pilgrims weary;

Light to newly-opened eyes,

Flowing springs in deserts dreary,

Is the rest the cross supplies;

All who taste it

Shall to rest immortal rise.


Blessed are the eyes that see Him;

Blest the ears that hear His voice;

Blessed are the souls that trust Him,

And in Him alone rejoice;

His commandments

Then become their happy choice.


[But to sing the “Rest remaining,”

Mortal tongues are ever aiming,

But they cannot tell it all;]

Faith believes it-Hope expects it-

But it overwhelms them all.




~ by cvillegas on June 17, 2007.

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