New Songs Uploaded….Jammin’ with the Cicadas and the Neighbors’ Dog

Still in Mac Euphoria, I recorded songs using Garageband and the mic on my new MacBook.

The songs can be heard at Virb, Purevolume, and myspace.

As a recovering pc guy, I still haven’t figured out Garageband.  So you’ll probably hear a metronome clicking during some of the songs. I don’t know how to shut that off.

Other things you’ll hear: My neighbors’ dog barking during some poignant moments in a song 🙂  And you’ll hear cicadas on percussion!  Supposedly, they have a great percussion sound.

These songs were all recorded in the living room of my condo called “The Box.”  So that explains the sounds of the cicadas and the dog.


~ by cvillegas on June 16, 2007.

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