Oh Happy Day!!! I Got a Mac! Let the Recording Begin…..

I finally took the plunge and bought a new Macbook.  Man, I had no idea how useful and downright amazing these laptops are!

I have heard from many of my friends how great Macs are compared to pcs.  But now I see why!  While looking at macs at the Apple Store, the rep (who is a musician) showed me how to record on the cheap.  I didn’t know these laptops have a built-in mic.  So I learned I can record vocals w/ the laptop mic.  For a paltry $20, the rep showed me this attachment that plugs directly into the laptop.  By hooking up a guitar using a cable directly to the attachment, voila!  Guitars are recorded as well.  Then, by using Garageband to edit, I learned how to come up with a recording on the cheap!  Man, I am so hooked!

With this newfound knowledge (and mac euphoria),  I’ll be recording new tracks this weekend.  I’ll then post them on virb, purevolume, and myspace.


~ by cvillegas on June 14, 2007.

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