Top 5 List

Though I’ve associated Top 5 lists with not having any other ideas to write about (which is sort of true for me right now), I’m going to do one now.

A few years ago, I remember looking at the top 5 album lists of songwriters at Grassroots site. From that list, I learned about a group called Waterdeep. Pretty much all of my influences listed them as one of theirs. As a result, I bought two of their CDs about 2-3 years ago. But it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I started to really appreciate their music.

So, with that then in mind, hopefully this top 5 list will open you up to some new music you may not have heard of.

So, in the spirit of Grassroots’ Top 5 list, here are the Top 5 CDs that have influenced me the most (in no particular order, though they’re numbered):

1.) Indelible Grace: Indelible Grace, Pilgrim Days, For all the Saints, Beams of Heaven. I couldn’t pick just one of their CDs. These CDs have shaped not only my musical sound/tastes, but they made theology come alive for me. I dare say that they have transformed my spiritual life. Great theology coupled with some great tunes give a small taste of the beauty and richness of the Gospel.

2.) Red Mountain Music: Depth of Mercy, Gadsby’s Hymns, Help My Unbelief. See above re: Indelible Grace. I still get a sense of the awe, wonder and fear of the Lord when I hear such songs as The Gospel Brings Good Tidings, I Never Wanted to Follow Jesus and My Jesus I Love Thee.

3.) Derek Webb: House Show. This CD is a recording of a house show shortly after his first CD She Must and Shall Go Free came out. This CD both informed and challenged me on what the Gospel is, and what that needs to look like in my life as well with the Church and with the world. I highly recommend this one.

4.) The Normals: Coming to Life. This CD is simply great art. Great tunes coupled with thoughtful and honest lyrics on living out the Christian life. With all due respect to Caedmons and Jars of Clay, the Normals are the best Christian band of all time (in my humble opinion).

5.) Matthew Perryman Jones: Nowhere Else But Here. This CD has gotten me through some very dark and difficult times. For those who are tired and weary in your walk, this CD is such a great companion to encourage you. It is both dark and beautiful. His lyrics meet you where you are and provides comfort and encouragement.


~ by cvillegas on June 4, 2007.

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