Singing and Making Melody

A few months back, we as a small group were discussing Ephesians 5:18-21. We looked at the previous verses on how Paul mentions how, though we were once in darkness, we are now light in the Lord. But that battle with darkness is so hard at times. In fact, if you’re like me, it’s so easy to forget that the “light shines in the darkness” from John 1. Notice “shines” is present tense. Look at the preceding verses in John 1.  Notice that they are all past tense.  In the heat of the battle, I so easily sink into “pity parties”, despair and downright ugly unbelief. I forget that God’s light “shines” in the darkness. Not “shines-well except for now, in the darkness.” Because of this unbelief, we need to remind ourselves of the Gospel. How? We need to speak truth into our hearts and into one another’s. To paraphrase John Piper’s sermon on this passage, how does one get drunk on wine? By drinking alot of it. So how do we become filled with the Spirit that we’re filled with the expulsive power of a new affection? By taking in alot of God’s Word! By meditating on His promises and by resting in the truth of the Gospel, we can fight the darkness and rest in knowing that the light shines in the darkness! Present tense. Even in the midst of our darkness and trials and despair. Our restless hearts waver and change. But God’s Word stands firm!

Another way we remind ourselves of the Gospel is by singing and making melody in our hearts. The old hymns illustrate how God’s Word is active both intellectually and emotionally. Many of the hymnwriters such as Charles Wesley and Anne Steele suffered through painful sorrows and persecution. They lament, cry out to God, rest in His sovereignty, and praise Him for His grace. Even under great trials.

Meeting with one another to praise Him and to bear one another’s burdens also points our hearts to the Gospel. God used this small group meeting (actually all of our small group meetings) to encourage me that God is moving even right now. I was so encouraged to hear how my brothers and sisters were growing in the Lord.

The end result is thankfulness and praise! One member of our group filled out an entire poster board with praises to God.

One of the reasons why I love singing hymns and writing new tunes to old hymn texts is because they remind me of the Gospel. As Kevin Twit says, the Gospel “restores our sanity.” In a world where we easily get distracted, singing and making melody helps remind us that the light shines in the darkness. Even right now.


~ by cvillegas on June 2, 2007.

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