This is Not My Place of Resting

Words: Horatius Bonar (from Our Own Hymn-book)

Music: Chris Villegas


This is not my place of resting,

Mine’s a city yet to come;

Onward to it I am hasting-

On to my eternal home.

In it all is light and glory;

O’er it shines a nightless day;

Every trace of sin’s sad story,

All the curse, hath pass’d away.

There the Lamb, our Shepherd leads us,

By the streams of life along,

On the freshest pastures feeds us,

Turns our sighing into song.

Soon we pass this desert dreary,

Soon we bid farewell to pain:

Never more are sad or weary,

Never, never sin again!


~ by cvillegas on May 21, 2007.

One Response to “This is Not My Place of Resting”

  1. Hi Chris! Wow, thanks so much for letting me know of your new blog. I’m glad to see you have one now. Are you planning to use this blog just for hymns? Or also to write personal thoughts, too? Well, keep up the good work. You’re always welcome to visit my blog anytime, of course. 🙂 May God continue to bless you!

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